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Wazzit Media Productions is Brandon Thompson

I have had the unique opportunity in my lifetime to look at what I do as being “open-ended”. I was taught early in my childhood that there isn’t any reason that we can’t excel in multiple areas. To that end, I have had the privilege to be a lifeguard, a database programmer, a trumpet player, a drummer in a successful band, a carpenter, a father and husband, a graphic design artist, a sound engineer and producer, a lighting designer, a videographer & editor, a photographer, a systems design consultant… a MacGyver of sorts. It’s these experiences that can balance a person and these experiences that can shape what we do in life.

As a producer, I specialize in taking your song ideas and making them into commercial recordings suitable for release on CD or any outlet such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Rhapsody. I am also available for one-on-one training for Avid Pro-Tools, Apple Logic, Ableton Live and other media software and their related software suites. I am an accomplished producer, musician and drummer having spent 10+ years on the road and in many studios across the country. Look up my previous band The Waiting on iTunes or on Amazon music.

I am also a photographer and videographer. I became a shutter bug long, long ago when my parents bought me my first camera – a Kodak 110 camera. Photography is certainly an art form and there is great satisfaction in creating something that is cherished for a very long time. Please contact me if you would like to meet with me to photograph your wedding, engagement pictures, sporting event, senior pictures or other special event. My current camera kit includes a Canon 5D & XT, EX450 flash and various lenses, batteries and memory cards. I process all of my RAW images in Apple Aperture for the best quality. I have a simple strategy of delivering quality photos handpicked, color corrected and enhanced – ready for printing from a DVD I provide to you.

I also work in web design. I worked on my first website back in the late 90’s when the web and the internet were in their infancy. Technology has certainly moved on and today’s websites are very important in creating a first and lasting impression on potential customers. If you wold like help in creating a website for yourself or your company, please contact me.

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